Technological innovation helps reduce consumption and increase the momentum of green industries



On the one hand, reduce energy emissions, and do a good job in the "subtraction" of industrial energy conservation and carbon reduction; While increasing the supply of green technology products and green environmental protection equipment, and doing a good job in cultivating new momentum for green development, a series of measures have continued to strengthen from ministries and commissions to local governments to further promote industrial green upgrading.

In Ningxia, an important transmission end of China's "west-to-east power transmission", the largest thermal power plant in northwest China, the National Energy Group Ningxia Yuanyanghu Power Plant, is exploring changes from the source of energy use to help industrial enterprises reduce carbon and save energy.

"In the industrial park where the power plant is located, we have built several 'green energy power hub stations', powered by green power such as photovoltaic power generation and backpressure unit power supply, to realize the integrated energy application of wind power, photovoltaic, thermal power and energy storage, and provide green energy to enterprises in the park." Miao Junming, chairman of the Yuanyanghu Power Plant, said that this year, the power plant can reduce the coal consumption of the units to power by about 8 grams per kilowatt-hour, and this data is expected to reach 20 grams by the end of 2023.

While promoting the low-carbon transformation of industrial energy use in an orderly manner, the application of digital technology has further promoted the "careful calculation" of energy utilization in the production process.

Enabled by 5G and the industrial Internet, the production line collects real-time energy consumption, material consumption, and emission data; The automatic evaporator is equipped with an automatic regulating valve to recover the residual steam of the liquefaction process... In Bowling Bao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., digital and intelligent transformation has given Li Xia, vice president of the company, "a clear idea" of energy utilization in the production process.

"Intelligent transformation has promoted the reduction of energy consumption per unit output value of enterprises from 0.33 tons of standard coal/10,000 yuan to 0.24 tons of standard coal/10,000 yuan." Li Xia told reporters that relying on digital technology, enterprises have established the best energy efficiency models and evaluation indicators to accelerate the transformation to "green intelligent manufacturing".

Industry is one of the important areas of energy consumption and carbon emissions in China, and in recent years, China has continued to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in the industrial field. According to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology a few days ago, the energy consumption of industrial units above designated size will further decrease by 5.6% in 2021 on the basis of a 16% decrease in the "13th Five-Year Plan".

For the green development of industry, one hand does the "subtraction" of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the other hand does the "addition" of cultivating new green kinetic energy.