Automotive wiring harness processing industry in the domestic development prospects



Automotive wiring harness processing industry started late in China, wiring harness processing technology is not as mature as foreign automotive wiring harness processing, so there is still a certain gap in the processing and production of automotive wiring harness products, but after more than ten years of development, the wire harness processing industry has developed rapidly, and China's wire harness processing industry has a relatively high stability.

In recent years, the domestic new energy vehicles have been listed in the sky, driving domestic demand in automotive wiring harness processing, as far as the domestic wiring harness processing market is concerned, the key development of wire harness processing should be to improve the content of the entire wiring harness in terms of science and technology, improve the overall technical level of wire harness processing, and effectively realize the high-end level of wire harness processing structure. These changes are actually bringing a huge development market to China's wire harness processing industry.

One. Pay close attention to improving the upgrading of China's wire harness processing, and the overall structural adjustment of domestic wire harness custom processing enterprises.

Two. Appropriately change the relatively low-end and low-profit products in China's wire harness customization industry, and effectively improve the production and manufacturing of advanced wire harness custom processing.

Three. The entire wiring harness processing industry can be localized production, mainly to effectively stimulate domestic demand.