How to avoid lightning protection and insulation of terminal blocks



First: For the terminal block, it is very important to do a good job of lightning protection, so how to do a good job of lightning protection in the terminal block?

1. When assembling the terminal block, the contact area of the terminal will be polished and polished, and the conductive paste will be coated to make the terminal block and the wire clamp have excellent touch, so as to meet the docking compressive strength and electrical equipment performance requirements of the two, and reduce the chance of fever.

2. The lightning protection method of the terminal block should be carried out from many fields such as product selection, overall planning and formulation, assembly solution and its timely inspection, and it is necessary to further do a good job in electricity consumption in the case of economic development. At the same time, terminal block manufacturers should also strictly implement relevant standards to carry out the production and manufacture of terminal blocks to avoid excess risks from the source.

3. The machinery and equipment that endanger the terminal route should be cleared and rectified, to ensure that there is no obstruction near the route, and the power line led out of the cable line should be patrolled on time to reduce the common fault elements and pure natural hazards in the field of the power line.

Therefore, if the terminal block wants to do a good job in lightning protection, it is necessary to do this key point.

Plug-in terminal blocks are used to facilitate the access of transmission lines, which is actually a copper sheet sealed in the insulation layer plastic, with holes on both sides to insert into the transmission line, and screws to tighten or loosen.

For example, two transmission lines, sometimes must be connected, sometimes must be broken, this matter can be connected to each other with terminal blocks, and can be cut off in time, without the need to weld them down or coil together, very time-saving and labor-saving. And suitable for a lot of transmission line interconnection, in the power enterprise will have professional fence terminals, terminal boxes, upper are terminal blocks, single-sided, two-layer, current amount, working voltage, general, breakable these. A certain socket area is to ensure reliable touch, and to ensure that sufficient amount of current can pass.