Application and market analysis of wire harness connectors



The connection between the wiring harness and the harness, the wiring harness and the electrical components generally adopts connectors, and the automotive wiring harness connector is an important part of connecting the various electrical and electronic equipment of the carIn order to prevent the connector from being disconnected during the car driving, all connectors are used locking devices. Disassembly method of wiring harness connector When disassembling the connector, first unlock, and then pull the connector apart, and it is not allowed to pull the harness hard without unlocking, which will damage the locking device or connecting harness. Characteristics of wiring harness connectors, such as automotive wiring harness connectors are important components connecting various electrical and electronic equipment of the car, transmitting electrical signals between power supplies, switches, electrical and electronic equipment, known as automotive nerves, is the carrier of electrical signal control of the car. It has the characteristics of good air tightness and beautiful appearance.

Main features: 1. Unipolar 75 amp connector and terminal; 2. Working voltage: 600V, (AC or DC); 3. Plugging life: more than 5000 times; 4. Withstand voltage insulation voltage: 2200 volts; 5. On-resistance: 100 microohms.

Application of wire harness connector products Harness connector products are used in automobiles, home appliances, instrumentation, office equipment, business machines, electronic parts leads and electronic control boards, etc., used in digital products, household appliances, automotive industry.

Many local connector manufacturers started with mold development or manufacturing, and then gradually penetrated into the connector manufacturing field. With their mold development, manufacturing and plastic molding capabilities, they have a considerable competitive advantage in terms of cost control and quick response to customers and markets.

With the increase of automotive functions, the widespread application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical components, and more and more wires. Market prospect of wiring harness connectors In recent years, the rapid growth of China's mobile phone production has driven a large demand for mobile phone connectors.

Among mobile phone connectors, battery connectors, SIM card connectors, and FPC connectors are the most demanded, accounting for about 50 [%] of the total demand. According to the Global Sources market research report, driven by the outstanding demand in the computer and consumer electronics markets, China's domestic connector market will show double-digit growth.

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