How to select PCB terminals?



PCB terminals are commonly used for electrical connections of printed circuit boardsPCB terminal blocks or PCB connectors are standard accessory products used to achieve electrical connections without parts on the PCB, often referred to as "PWB"

How to choose the right terminal block? Just keep these three points in mind:

1. In appearance, the qualified terminal block has no deformation as a whole, the surface is flat, there is no scratch, and the plug and socket adhere to high degree.

2. Material, first of all, the crimping frame, Z good disassembly for further inspection, followed by plastic parts, must have good flame retardancy.

3. Torque, the screw torque of the terminal is very important, when buying, Z good use a screwdriver to feel whether the screw presses the wire.

Basic principles of selection:

1. Determine what kind of terminal you want

2. Wiring size

3. Current

4. The size of the space used